Glory Days Bruce Springsteen Tribute


Location:Real Time Live 13 Marsden Street Chesterfield Derbyshire S40 1JY

 Tickets £7.50 from RTL

Tickets £7.50

Glory Days are the real deal! With more than fifteen years of experience on the road, this band of blood brothers(& sister) really do capture the spirit of Bruce live. The full E-Street, seven piece line-up will take you on a blast down Thunder Road playing all the ‘classics’ on the way. They are more than likely to throw in a few choice album tracks too! These boys will rock for over three hours (when they’re allowed) and give you that Bruce experience you thought you just couldn’t get anymore. Their sets have included just about everything over the years and you will always be treated to a great mix of songs, from Jungleland and Thunder Road to The River and Promised Land, these boys pick from the best back catalogue around. When The Boss stays home, Glory Days will give you what you need.. Jersey style! Check out the show dates and go and see what all the hype is about.. THE BEST SPRINGSTEEN TRIBUTE BAND ON THE PLANET.. you will not be disappointed!

Here’s a review from journalist Sandra Gibson….
‘Glory Days, Robin 2, Bilston, Wolverhampton. 11th September 2010.

You know the evening’s a success when there isn’t a queue at the bar and the lady bangs her shoe on the stage for more.
Glory Days gave a full-bodied, confident and authentic performance to a word-perfect audience of Springsteen fans. There was a sense of tightly rehearsed professionalism from this band: they meant business. The front man had dramatic presence from note one and he sustained the good timing of the story-teller throughout. The silver-suited saxophonist producing fire-escape heat and mournfulness, the bassist cool and grounded, the lead guitarist managing to combine the orgasmic with lyrical sensitivity, the epic keyboards and the driving power of the drummer all combined to do justice to the virility of Springsteen’s music.
And this is music that makes women swoon and men feel empowered. What’s not to like?
And if the lead singer’s sexual confidence is allowed through to match his musical prowess there’ll be more than shoes coming off…

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