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On 12th December, the high-octane whirlwind known as Surreal Panther is due to hit Real Time Live.

If you’ve never witnessed this particular brand of rock, or seen a performance by their namesakes Steel Panther before, we feel we should issue a very serious warning… Please stay away if you’re easily offended!

Find out why – read on…  (more…)

Secret gig at Real Time Live - 30 July 2015

Remember last year’s secret gig? We were sworn to secrecy when alternative rock band While She Sleeps offered to play an intimate gig at Real Time Live in 2014 – a performance that resulted in a 5K rating from Kerrang magazine.

We’re excited to announce that we have another top secret gig booked for 2015. We can’t even give you a hint, but rest assured this one could be even bigger – you WILL want to be here!


We’ve been so busy doing lots of new stuff that we haven’t had the time to tell you about it – so here’s a round up of everything new you’ll find at Real Time Live the next time you pay us a visit! (more…)

This year’s Derbyshire Times Band of the Year was held at Real Time Live for the second year running, and what a hard-fought competition it was! The standard of the 43 entries received was phenomenally high – but only 12 bands could make it through to the live semi finals, held on 24th February and 4th March, to a roomful of mid-week support from local music lovers. (more…)

If you went to Download 2014, you may well have seen a group of lads from Sheffield rocking it on the main stage. Receiving a well-deserved 5K rating on their debut album (This is the Six) and winning Kerrang! magazine’s K! Award for Best British Newcomer in 2012, While She Sleeps have built a loyal fan base, with almost a quarter of a million Facebook ‘Likes’. (more…)

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